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the entrepreneur

Richard Anderson, President - Founder - Creator

As one of the beauty industry's leading entrepreneurs, Richard Anderson has successfully launched some of today's leading beauty brands including The Lancaster Group, Yves Saint Laurent and Bobbi Brown Essentials.

While working in the beauty industry over 14 years, Anderson discovered one dominant complaint and growing frustration for women. NO TIME. Because of today's high performance and personally demanding world, women simply don't have the time to invest in a lengthy beauty ritual. With never a spare moment schedules, women need simple and dependable beauty products that can multi-task as gracefully as they do.

In order to fill this need and capitalize on this niche market, Anderson utilized his vast connections and industry knowledge to create Per-fekt Beauty, Inc. Per-fekt is fully committed to launching technologically advanced products that simply 'per-fekt' the way women wear cosmetics.

the company

Founded 2005 - Hollywood, CA

Per-fekt Beauty Inc. is fully committed to launching technologically advanced products that simplify and per-fekt beauty. Merging advanced skincare formulations with color, per-fekt offers multi-functional products that are quick and easy to apply, long-lasting, and offer an alternative to traditional beauty products. No product will be brought to market that is not within the guidelines of the company strategy. Per-fekt Beauty, Inc. promises to live up to its claims without compromise.


per-fekt is pure-fekt

per-fekt products are free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, wax, talc, mineral oils and parabens.

Less is more - save money and the environment.

All per-fekt products are highly concentrated and not diluted with water, thus they are better for the environment because they use fewer natural resources. Concentrated products not only mean less waste, but also less weight you have to carry around. Concentrated products use less packaging, so you get a product that is a better choice for the planet, without any performance sacrifice.

"The real key to saving the planet is to shop smarter so that we manage our consumption and stop creating waste.   You'll be amazed at how simple lifestyle changes can affect your impact on the environment and your budget." - Richard Anderson, President-Founder-Creator

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